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Please provide detailed information regarding the incident you are reporting involving a UNCSA student/staff/faculty or issue taken place on campus. For reports involving UNCSA staff or faculty members, please contact Human Resources at 336-770-1481.

Only current student, faculty or staff members of the UNCSA community may file a report via this form. If you are not a current UNCSA community member, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at (336) 770-1481 or the Human Resources Director at (336) 770-3317. Reports filed through this online Incident Report are immediately received through the system and reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator. In the event of an emergency, contact UNCSA Police at 336-770-3321.

Once the report is received, a university staff member will investigate the incident and determine appropriate intervention/action plan, which may include a meeting with the student and others involved in the incident. Please know that you, and the witnesses you identify in the report, will be contacted to provide further information. If you choose to remain anonymous please note that it may limit our ability to investigate the incident and provide follow up to the individuals involved.

If you have any questions regarding filing an Incident Report, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at (336) 770-1481.

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